Diesel Fuel Tank Snake™ 24" x 2"

B3C Fuel Solutions

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B3C 6-024-X
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B3C Diesel Fuel Tank Snake  tank-snake-diesel-10x-11.1.16-300pix.png

Superior water removal and fuel system protection! B3Cs’s breakthrough Tank Snake Water Absorber and Fuel System Protection technology protects the entire diesel fuel system. Our Tank Snake technology removes water/saltwater, prevents algae, sludge buildup, bacteria and fungus in diesel fuel and protects against contamination. Water is the root cause of most of the problems. Control the WATER, control the PROBLEMS!

Storage – The Storage version continuously removes water and rust in your tank. Keep in your storage tanks at all times. Reuse approximately 10 times or until dirty.


  • Reusable
  • Removes water and rust
  • Fixes issues by removing existing water
  • Removes water and saltwater from storage fuel tanks
  • Sizes to fit all tanks
  • Prepares tank for Fuel Life Tank Snake
  • Easy installation and removal by high strength tether line, included
  • Neodymium magnets remove insoluble rust


  • Storage tanks
  • Day tanks
  • Transfer tanks
  • Continuously removes water, works in 2 or more days, replace when full, reuse approximately 10 times or until dirty