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Delta Plus Introduces the First Safety Glasses with Oleophobic (Oil Repelling) and Hydrophobic (Water Repelling) Coating on the market!  

  Delta Plus has developed a new coating it calls Lyviz™.  This coating is Oleophobic and Hydrophobic and is applied to the outside of the lens. This coating allows paint and oils to wipe right off as well as water droplets will roll right off. It allows the user to see clearly in tough and demanding environments such as automotive, painting, oil and gas industries. With the addition of an anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-static coating known as Supercoat™ , these glasses are definitely high performance. 

   The Pacyca is based of the Delta Plus Go-Specs™ line of Safety Glasses. The Go-Spec™ Series has become an industry leader in the development of closed cell foam protection for dusty, dirty and windy environments. When airborne particulates pose a real threat to harm your eyes, depend on Go-Specs™ to get keep eyes clean of dust and debris.

    Go-Specs™ primary objective is to provide an extra measure of protection in dusty and dirty environments. The vented EVA flame retardant closed cell foam seal protects from windblown particles such as dust, sand, cement, chemicals can cause serious eye irritation and damage. The Go Specs™ Feature multiple ventilation ports for superior anti-fog performance and wearer comfort. The Go-Specs™ model gives greater field of vision. The pantoscopic lens angle adjustments, allows the user to have a customized fit for greater comfort and protection. Delta Plus' Supercoat™ is applied to the inside of the poly carbonate lens to aid in anti-fog and anti-scratch properties.



  • Exterior of lens coated with Lyviz™, A Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coating that repels water, grease, paint, 
  • Customized fit – Pantoscopic adjustable arms, EVA foam lined to seal around the eyes 
  • Safety Ratings: ANSI Z87.1-2015 and EN166 and EN170
  • Flame Retardant EVA closed cell foam - long lasting and resists body oil and sweat. Also removable.
  • 99% UV protection for UV A B and C 180-380nm
  • Clear Poly carbonate impact resistant molded lens with SuperCoat™ anti-fog coating.

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