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36" Water Absorber

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Water Is Destructive

Water is one of the most destructive contaminants to lubricating oils, and these contaminants are ultimately what degrade your hydraulic systems from inside. 

Water infiltrates your hydraulic fluid and therefore the hydraulic systems. Water can exist in many forms (bound, free, emulsified) and gets there in a variety of ways (like condensation). This water, in hydraulic fluid, causes many of the problems you might experience, from acid formation to bearing failure, seal damage & leaks, blown hoses and more.


MOLECULAR WATER ABSORBERS continuously remove ALL forms of water (free, bound and emulsified water) from hydraulic fluid through our molecular water absorbing technology. The Water Absorber filter is contained in a stainless steel housing tube that is stored in the tank and retrievable via a stainless steel tether. Replacement absorber filters can be replaced quickly and easily. Simply insert in to the opening of the hydraulic power unit.